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Kids Judo

Kids Judo

At Beyond Grappling Club, we are passionate about teaching Judo, and firmly believe that learning the fundamentals of our favourite world sport has benefits for children that can improve their lives significantly. Our children’s program is designed to increase your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence in a fun, safe and active environment. Your child will learn judo techniques through our specialized training sessions and team-building activities. We believe that an increase in your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence will allow them to flourish in all areas of life.

Our program is designed for children aged 6 and older.

Your child will learn valuable ‘grappling specific’ self-defence techniques to not only avoid confrontation but to defend themselves if the need arises. We teach a holistic approach to life. At our kids judo classes we aim to teach children the value of physical fitness, healthy foods and having a positive mindset.

These classes focus on developing important skills such:
– spatial awareness
– full body co-ordination
– rolling and falling safely
– strength and fitness
– flexibility
– and more.

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