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Teens Judo

Teens judo

Our Judo for Teens class is for designed to teach self defence techniques and the sport of Judo while becoming fit, strong and healthy.

This class is a great way to develop friendships, have fun and increase your self-confidence which will decrease your chance of become a victim of bullying. Our Judo for Teens Program teaches basic Judo throws, takedowns, counter attacks and positioning skills in a fun, dynamic way that appeals to all teenagers.

These classes focus on developing important skills such:
– spatial awareness
– full body co-ordination
– rolling
– strength and fitness
– flexibility
– and more.

We also go one step further. We aren’t only interested in developing physical attributes, but also the mental as well. Our classes contain problem solving activities and team building games to ensure your children are developing skills for life. Throughout the term you will find that you child holds their head a little higher simply due to the confidence they get from the environment we have during classes.

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