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Our head coach Matt D’Aquino contains a wealth of knowledge from his 26+ years in the grappling arts. He is known nationally and internationally for his in-depth, yet easy-to-understand method of teaching. Matt is one of the most popular Jido coaches on the world due to his popular YouTube channel.

Matt has run seminars for the following programs:

  • A 3 day seminar with the AIS Combat centre research program

  • A coach with the Australian Defence Force Martial Arts Association

  • The AIS and Australian cycling team

  • Multiple AIS Combat Sports Draft camps

  • The Australian Water polo team

  • The Nepalese national Judo team

  • The University of Trisakti in Indonesia

  • Senshi Academy Summer Camp

  • New zealand National Training Camp

  • Oceania Judo Union Training Camp

  • Illawarra International Judo club

  • and many more.

In Matt’s seminars he covers various topics including:

  • Learning how to fall safely

  • Grappling/takedowns for BJJ

  • Specialist judo techniques

  • Judo Seminars

  • Competition Mindset

  • and many more

If you are interested in Matt’s services for your and your club please contact Matt on 0422793609 or via email on

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