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Personal training

Can’t make the training times?
Too busy to get to training?
Maybe you want some extra training outside of the normal Judo and BJJ classes. If so then one on ones or small group classes are available on appointment.

Matt teaches two methods of personal training:

1 – Judo and BJJ
Matt can teach you Judo or BJJ which is a great way to fast track your skills, get fit and learn more in a specialized training session. One on ones are great if you are carrying an injury and want to go at your own pace. they are also great for shift workers who may not be able to make each and every training session.


Judo and BJJ 1 hour lesson

  • 1 person $150 per hour

  • 2 people $80 per person

  • 3 or more people $70 per person

2- Strength and conditioning
Matt holds a Cert 4 in Fitness and has a keen interest in all things strength and conditioning. The dojo at his house includes a ton of functional training equipment including kettlebells, sandbags and more. So if you are looking at getting fit or losing some extra weight then organise a few personal fitness sessions with Matt.

Cost: Strength and conditioning
30 mins = $50
45 mins = $70
60 mins = $90

For more details email Matt on or call 0422 793 609

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