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How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in learning Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a fun, safe and friendly environment, all you need to do is contact Matt on 0422 793 609, or sign up for a free trial class on the link to your right.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Well that depends… If you are just coming in to see if Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for you then we recommend you come in a comfortable set of training/gym clothes such as pant’s, a t-shirt or rash vest. try to avoid wearing shorts as you may take some skin off your knees. You can also bring a long a bottle of water, a small towel, an open mind, a big smile and a willingness to learn!

Do I need to get fit before trying your classes?
No. Just come in and begin your training. Each of our sessions are tailored to you and your ability level. Plus, you will build fitness and strength as a by-product of learning Judo and BJJ with us. You will also build your confidence and meet some great people as well.  Judo and BJJ training will change your life and make you fitter and healthier than you can possibly imagine.

Will I get beat up if I come and try a class?

This actually isn’t a frequently asked question but i thought I would add it in anyway. Many people have had horrible experiences in the past of attending a martial arts class only to be picked on and bullied by the person in charge, I guarantee this will not happen in our classes. As a matter of fact we are the complete opposite to any gym you have ever been to. We are relaxed, friendly and love learning and intricate details of every sweep, throw, takedown and submission. We are 100% meat head fee and do not tolerate any unnecessary pressure or aggressiveness in our classes.

Will my child get hurt? Is it safe?

Safety is always our number one priority. Although you risk injury anytime you choose to get out of bed, in our experience, we see far fewer injuries in our classes than in other kids activities (AFL, soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby league and even Netball). It’s actually frustrating, because we occasionally get calls from parents that their child can’t come to class because they hurt themselves in a different activity. We teach your child how to fall safely to ensure they don’t hurt themselves in our classes, as well as in other sports.

My Child is PAINFULLY Shy, I feel like there’s no way she’ll start something new like this?

We see that day in and day out, and honestly, it can certainly be a challenge for all parties involved, but like I said, we see it day in and day out, and as coaches, it is our job to help your child learn to overcome their fears. In other activities, shyness and hesitation is a real crutch; the coach or teacher is often frustrated, and the shy child holds the class back. But because of our focus on the individual, it doesn’t hurt our class at all. When your child starts to trust that we’re going to help her regardless of whether she’s shy or brave, she’ll open up and it’ll start a chain reaction of confidence building that’ll drop your jaw. We know because….we have been teaching for years.

How often do we need to come to class and when are your classes?

Our programs fit into almost any schedule (remember, ALL of the families that already take classes with us are super busy too!). We have students who are successful in our program at only one day a week, and we have students who love classes so much that they beg their parents to bring them every time we’re open.

Can we try it before we sign up?

Of course, just grab a free week trial by filling out the forms below.

My child isn’t super athletic, is that ok?

We understand how you feel, but we see kids everyday that REALLY struggle with connecting their minds to their bodies. Coordination is something we work on everyday. Your child doesn’t need to be good to start, but they need to start to be good 

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